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Yesterday I went in for my labs and my port worked on the first try!  Woohoo!!  So thankful for that!

After my labs were drawn, we (Tom, my Dad and I) went over to see Dr. Leung, my oncologist.  He feels the tumors are softening around the edges still, but they have not decreased in size yet.

He asked about new side effects and I told him about the peripheral neuropathy (tingling in my fingers and toes and one day in my right arm).  He is concerned about this, as it is not a very common side effect for the meds I’m on right now, but when we switch meds in a few weeks, it is a very common side effect.  So he mentioned the possibility of slowing down those treatments/doses (once a week for 12 weeks instead of every other week for 8 weeks).  He said that could lessen the chance of permanent nerve damage from the medicine.  So we are waiting to see what my body does this round of treatment and then will decide in the next two weeks which route to go.

That’s about it from yesterday . . .

Today, the girls got up and we had a lovely morning as they were getting ready for school.  The last few mornings have been very hard, so that was a nice change for Tom and I. 🙂  Then the girls headed off to the bus and we headed off to chemo.

Our “date” this morning AKA chemo, was lovely.  Tom and I had some nice quiet time to talk, mostly about the girls and some things we’d like to see change around the house.  I love that he’s around to be part of those conversations and help with the girls.  Thanks cancer!  (Seriously, I mean thanks!)


Chemo round 4 – bring it on!!

Chemo was uneventful. Lots of meds going in and red urine coming out almost immediately.  So glad they warned me that would happen or I would have freaked out!  I don’t really feel much until toward the end.  Then I just feel drugged, light headed and a bit tired.  Kim was in the hospital visiting her mom, so she stopped by and chatted for a while.  James came by to say hello as well, as I was checking in.  Now  I am home resting.

As you pray, would you pray specifically for the next few days – for the fatigue, possibility of nausea, achiness, etc.  Please also pray for wisdom, so if I do see signs of peripheral neuropathy and report them to the Dr., he will know how best to proceed.  Please continue to pray for Tom’s foot and for him as he manages our home and his more than full time job that pays all of our bills.

Today I am thankful for our sweet 6 year old and that my health was good enough to go see her sing in her holiday program at school last night.  I am thankful for my friend Holly who graciously hosted an H2O at Home party and gave me the hostess gifts – so many great and safe cleaning products for us to use.  (Watch out kids . . . it’s going to be time to try them all soon!!)  And most important, I am thankful for the peace that God gives me when I pray with an anxious heart.  God is good, all the time!

So much to be thankful for . . .

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