I love this new quick chemo! My blood work came back quickly today and the chemo takes between 3-5 minutes to give. I love how quick that is! Today, I also got a bag of fluid as I waited for my labs to come back.

While I was there today, Dr. Leung stopped by. We talked about how my pain is much more under control and how I’m not having to use short acting pain pills during the day as often. He was pleased that I am less bloated. (I am pleased as well, although I think I still have a little bit more to go.)

As he was about to leave I mentioned that it’s becoming a little more difficult to breathe and that I’m out of breath quicker than I was a few days ago. He listened to me breathe through my back and tapped on my back. As soon as I saw his face I knew something was wrong. There is already fluid building back up around my right lung. 🙁

So what does that mean? It means another COVID test on Wednesday and then on Friday, another thoracentesis (fancy name for draining the fluid from around my lung). They will send the fluid away to a lab and if the results show the fluid is not a result of the cancer, we’ll have to figure out what is causing it.

The MRI I was supposed to have this afternoon to get a better look at my liver, is still awaiting authorization by insurance, so it is rescheduled for Thursday.

Thanks for continuing to pray with us. Please pray for all of these appointments and for our minds, that we will not dwell on them. Thanks friends! 🙂