Between COVID and the pain I’m having in my back, we decided to change our plans for the weekend. We were looking forward to getting away and staying at a hotel in Wenatchee. But it looks like that area isn’t a good place to visit right now with me being at high risk, plus I can’t do anything for more than 20 minutes without severe pain.

We’ve decided on a few fun things to do that are local that shouldn’t be hard on my back, so we’re still looking forward to a fun weekend. Just not what we had planned.

I had an appointment with my oncologist this past week. I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday to see if there’s anything we can do to help with the pain in my lower back.

When we talked to him via tellahealth, both Tom and I could tell he was concerned about the pain and that it is getting worse, most likely from cancer. I really hope he is wrong, but so far he has not been.

I’m going to be scheduling my 3 month CT scan to see if the medicine is working. That will be at the end of July. 

It’s hard to wait!

He is also increasing the dose of Chemo I am taking. Starting Monday I will be taking 2500mg a day instead of 2000mg. 3000 mg is a full dose for my weight.

I can see the toll this disease is having on the girls and Tom. Not being able to go out and do normal things makes it even harder. I won’t lie…we are struggling right now. We really need some good, relaxing, no stress time as a family and I pray getting out some this weekend will help.

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