When I did my bone scan last week, we knew that we would see a lot of growth when we compared it to the previous one from October 2019. So looking at the scans side by side, I can see 15 months worth of growth while on active treatment.

Even with that knowledge going in, it was still very hard to look at the images and see how many of my bones have active cancer in them. And it’s crazy to see how much growth there has been knowing I was on chemo the entire 15 months. Clearly the chemo was not working the majority of the time, which we already knew.

The scans are looking at my body from the front. The one on the left is from October 2019. The one on the front is from January 2021.

Looking at the scans, the parts that are brighter and stand out more are active cancer sites.

A bone scan only shows where cancer is in the bones. The CT scans that I have done every 3 months show cancer in other parts of the body, like my lung and liver.

I have so many beautifully glowing bones, don’t I?


When I look at a picture of my cancer, I hardly even know what to say…It’s no wonder why I have to take so much pain medication every day just to get out of bed!

The scan is not a surprise to us. I have been on active treatment the whole time and we knew the chemo has not been working, with the exception of this current one (which I no longer think is working). We decided to get another bone scan so we could use it as a baseline for future scans. From here on out I will get a bone scan every three months as well as a CT every 3 months. That way we can track the growth of everything or better yet, track the shrinkage. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

While the scan was not a surprise to us, it was not a surprise to God either. He knows every cell in my body, and which ones are cancer and which ones are not. I am thankful He is with me every second of the day so I am not alone.

While talking with the doctor today, we are going to try a new medicine to help me sleep a little bit better. And I am also going to take a little bit more pain medication so I am more comfortable during the day. I am always reluctant to take the short-acting pain medication during the day because I’m so worried about constipation. So every time I take an extra pain pill, I’m going to take an extra stool softener to try to offset it.


1-25: Chemo

2-1: Chemo and CT Scan

2-2: Tele-health appointment with the oncologist to discuss scan results and treatment plan

That’s it for this evening. As always, thank you for praying for our family. And if there is anything I can pray for you or your family, please send me an email or text.


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