Tom and I started the day off at the infusion center. I got a couple bags of fluid as well as my monthly zometa infusion and faslodex shots. I also got some pain medicine which was a little stronger than what I have been taking and that was wonderful.

While we were at the infusion center we met with the palliative care nurse. We talked a lot about pain management and learned a little bit more about the medicine I’m taking and the timing of it. I’m going to be a little more specific on the times I take it, and hopefully that will help manage the overall pain better.

We met with the oncologist today and I’m going to continue to take a break from the chemo pill until my mouth and throat are healed. Tom shared some concerns he had about things I’m doing while I sleep. The doctor thinks it’s probably the sleeping pill that I am taking, but did order an MRI of my brain just to make sure.

We got home around 1 and I’ve been resting and sleeping on and off.

Thank you for all of the kind of messages which started with, “No need to respond.” 😊❤️

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