All 3 appointments went well today. Tom is really sick, so he needed to stay home. I went to the infusion center by myself, which was fine. Cortney and Karin came last minute to my Dr. apt. and Tom was on speaker phone. We talked about managing constipation from the meds, trying to stop the zofran as that adds to the problem, taking a break from the anti-inflammatory, weaning off the antidepressant in January now that I am eating enough to take supplements again and taking Tylenol with codeine for back pain. We talked about what healing in my back looks like. Even if we can get rid of the cancer, it will be weak. So no lifting more than about 5 – 10 lbs…for pretty much forever. I will have a bone scan and CT scan in late January to see if the treatment we are doing is working. We also met with the pallative care nurse. She works with patients with chronic and terminal illnesses and helps with pain management and focuses on quality of life. Side effects from the infusion will hit Thursday night. I will be ready with pain meds so I can go to Molly’s first orchestra concert!!

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