It’s crazy to think that I’m over half way done with radiation.

Halfway done!!

Halfway done!!


This week has been a tough one.  I just don’t want to get up and go in the morning.  It’s not early.  It’s not painful.  It’s just ANNOYING!  This week, I confess, I struggled with having a good attitude about going quite a few mornings.

I try to remind myself why I’m going every day…fighting for my life…more time with my family.  Some days this work well.  Other days (like ones when the girls are really difficult…like a few days this week) that line of thinking doesn’t work as well and I just have to pull myself out of bed and get moving.

As far as side effects, I’m exercising each morning and staying active with the girls, so either that’s working really well to fight the fatigue, or I just don’t have any.  Either way, I’m thankful!  I have a lovely tan on half of my chest, on my foob (fake boob), and under my left arm.  It’s gradually getting darker, but still no pain.

Life just keeps going on, one day at a time.

I’ll be honest, because I’m feeling good, at the moment there are other things besides cancer that consume my thoughts and time.  It’s a nice change, although still a bit more stressful than I’d like.  But as I start to tense up, I’m reminded by Phil 4:6 printed out on signs in the living room to not be anxious, but to give those thoughts to the Lord.    There’s always something I could be anxious about if I chose to.  I’m just trying not to choose that!

Today, Tom and I celebrate our 21st anniversary.  He is working during the day and then we are going out to a nice dinner to celebrate.  It’s been a hard year for our family but we are still standing and have grown so much through all of this. I’m so thankful we said, “I Do” 21 years ago.


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