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My day in 20 sentences…

  1. Another surgery is done.
  2. It went well.
  3. I had no anxiety before (or after).
  4. Praising God for another uneventful procedure on this journey.
  5. I have a new and improved body part.
  6. It looks worse now than when I left the house this morning.
  7. I have another drain.
  8. I’m wearing my surgical camisole to hide it AGAIN!!!
  9. My breast has an indent from the suction of the drain (temporarily).
  10. My chest, left shoulder and abdomen are colored from iodine.
  11. I can’t shower ’til the drain is out. (Can you hear me crying????????????????)
  12. While I hate my short hair, I am yet again thankful for it. (See #11.)
  13. I am not feeling itchy after surgery!!!!!!
  14. Dinner smells really, really good simmering in the kitchen. 🙂
  15. Tom and I talked about work.
  16. I played many games of 2048 on my phone.
  17. I took a nap.
  18. Tom and the girls are playing Wii while I rest in bed.
  19. I’ve taken 4 Tylenol since I’ve been home.
  20. I’m tired and having hot flashes.

Ways to be thankful for the above:

  1. The odd-shaped squished look is temporary.
  2. Better to have a drain than to have the fluid building up inside of me.
  3. I HAVE a surgical camisole so I don’t have to have the drain hanging from a lanyard around my neck.
  4. I have pretty turquoise wash cloths and a back loofa for my baths.
  5. I can style my hair in under 1 minute.
  6. I love Broccoli Cheese soup!
  7. I’m getting really good at 2048 on my phone. Too bad it’s a total time waster.
  8. The girls are not annoying me and letting me rest.
  9. My pain is under control so far with just Tylenol.
  10. Hot flashes mean I’m in still in menopause. No need for birth control. (Seriously, that is something to be thankful for. Can you imagine if we added a baby to all this craziness??)



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