I had another Zometa bone strengthening infusion on Wednesday. The side effects hit me harder this time and I felt pretty horrible for 2 days. But I’m fine now, so moving on….

I had an appointment with a nautropath up in Seattle a few weeks ago. The outcome was not what I expected. After asking me a ton of questions, he feels that my body is out of balance and that we can get it back in balance so my body can take an aromotase inhibitor/hormone blocking pill without the side effects. Interesting….for a few reasons….he also feels the pills are valuable enough to keep trying, but also sees no reason why my body shouldn’t be able to accept the pills without the bone pain and depression. At the end of the conversation he was very honest. All I have to lose is money. Lol…kind of. 🙁 The Dr. visits are covered by my insurance, but the treatments are not.

The plan has 3 parts. Supplements, putting on muscle (getting enough protein in my diet and adding weights and resistance to my workouts) and possible Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid IVs.

The supplements are expensive, but so far so good. I’m not sure I feel much different on them than on what I was taking from Costco. However, I did have an infusion and a super crazy week which was very different than normal, so we’ll see how this week goes.)

I’m working with my physical therapist to add resistance and then eventually weights to my workout. Every time I have tried to do this myself in the past few years, I have injured myself, so I need help. He’s already working with me on shoulder mobility, so we just added strength training on. We’ll see how that goes. (My shoulder is not moving properly and has been getting worse since active cancer treatment – probably a side effect from the radiation and surgery.) PT has been helping a lot!

The third part, the IVs, are the more expensive part and the part we are not sure about. Pay for 2 IVs or go on a vacation…ha…but seriously…why are they so expensive? We have the money in our savings, but I struggle with spending it on such a big unknown.

I have the option of trying the hormone blocking pill in a bit, after I’ve been able to put on some muscle and after taking the supplements. If those two work, then great. If not, I have to wait for my body to get the medication fully out of my system and then we can try the IVs and try the pill again. I’m not sure what direction we’ll go. Will you pray for wisdom for us as I meet with the Nautropath and oncologist next week and talk more. I was ready to be done with the hormone blocking pills, but now it looks like I’m not.

That’s it for now. Happy Monday!

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