I had chemo again this morning. Today for the first time since November, my port was clogged. I went an entire year without it clogging. So today, bloodwork and some hydration were doing via IV to get me out of there quicker. I only had to wait 30 minutes with the unblocking medicine in the port and it worked. I was very thankful for that, or I would have had to wait an additional 90 minutes for the medicine to work. Hopefully this will not be something we have to deal with on a regular basis again!

It was hard to walk in to chemo this morning because I was so out of breath. I brought my cane for some extra support. But it was hard. I wonder if and when I’ll need a wheel chair to get to and from there. The thought crossed my mind, although I wish it didn’t.

I must have looked ridiculous…port accessed with huge label attached to it, Valley ID “bracelet” on, IV in my arm attached to fluids (and not showing, the tube coming out of my abdomen)….lovely!
In other news, my amazing friend Sarah from college, flew up to see me. She was at my house for 4 hours yesterday and then we were together about 2 hours this morning before chemo. She flew up here, rented a car, stayed in a hotel, just to see me for 6 hours. It was amazing! What a perfect Christmas gift and reminder of our friendship. It was a short time, but I’m so thankful that she came!

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