Today was day 7 of radiation and tomorrow is my last day. Around day 5 which was supposed to be the middle of radiation, my throat started hurting already, and feeling very tight and constricted. It was a pretty scary thing to wake up to in the middle of the night as my mind just went crazy with thoughts of future pain.

I asked the doctor if there was any chance we could cut the radiation short by two days. I explained that the pain in my arm was gone. And most of the pain in my back and my neck was gone. Something must have been pinched in that one area of my neck!

He said there was nothing magical about does last 2 days of radiation and then since my pain had responded so well to it and was already causing side effects, ending after 8 days was fine.

The nausea has been under control since I started taking that very low dose of a steroid. I’ll start weaning off that in about 10 days or so.

I’m dealing with mouth sores, messed up taste buds, and a severely dry mouth still. Everything together makes it pretty tough to eat, which makes me just feel crummy in general. But only one more day of radiation, so I’ll focus on the positive right now!

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