Hooray! No chemo yesterday! It was nice to stay home and not have to go in to the infusion center. I slept horrible the night before and woke up not feeling the greatest because of that. After resting all morning, I was a little better in the afternoon/evening. I felt nauseous off and on that day. I finally took Zofran in the late afternoon because it wasn’t going away. It’s kind of strange to have that side effect a week after chemo. Maybe it was something else? Who knows….

I can’t complain about one day of not feeling the greatest because this past week I have felt good! Some days, I would say I even felt GREAT! WOOHOO!! Praise God for good days! I didn’t have the huge downer of fatigue like I did last week. I am so thankful!

Today starts another school year for our 3 girls. It was a pretty tough morning and a comment was made about how they should be nice and not ruin picture taking time because this might be Mom’s last time to do this with us and we don’t want to regret it. So obviously that was on the minds of our oldest, and then the other two after she said it. I too was wondering how many more first days of school I will get to be part of. But it makes me sad that Sage thinks about it too.

There’s not much else going on this week (except my birthday on Thursday). We’ll just be home, getting into the routine of school.

Ready or not….Remote Learning here we come! I have a feeling we’ll need a lot of coffee this school/work year!

As you pray for us, would you pray for a few things?

First, I have the beginning of a mouth sore on the inside of my lower lip. It’s only painful if I eat or drink something acidic. I am rinsing with my steroid mouth wash twice a day. Please pray that will stop it from getting worse.

Second, and this is a hard one to type because it’s embarrassing, but I’m struggling with some mosquito bites. They are from over a month ago, but I keep picking at them…something in me right now, some fidgety, anxious part…it’s not usually something I struggle with, but I am now for some reason and they are getting worse (and chemo makes things heal slower). Please pray for self control so I will stop. I bought some larger band-aids and have started praying every time I get the urge to mess with them. I know Tom’s concerned and it’s embarrassing to tell you, but I need you to pray with me about this habit I’ve developed over the past month or so. (At this point I’m not looking for recommendations on how to stop, just asking for prayer. Thanks for understanding!)

Third, please pray that the girls will adjust to remote learning and that they will be able to do it as much as possible without my assistance, especially on the days I’m not feeling good.

Thanks family and friends!