9 Dr. Appointments or scans in 5 weeks….yay!  I just love it when I see all those appointments on my calendar….ummm….not really.

But seriously, here’s what’s coming up (or just happened)…

10/1 – Orthopedic surgeon

I met with an orthopedic surgeon yesterday about the herniated disc in my back that keeps flaring up every 3 months, making it hard to get back into shape.  Every 3 months for the past 18 months…yep….it’s fun.  We talked about the diagnosis and what I had done over the past 18 months for it and I am doing what I should.  He said the herniation is pretty bad, but since I seem to be able to manage the flare ups with physical therapy, he does not recommend surgery or even a cortisone shot.  He did recommend a prescription anti-inflammatory med that I can try when it does flare up and he encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing.  🙁 It’s not very encouraging to hear a Dr. tell you that sometimes life is not perfect.  Yep.  I already know that. 🙂

Tomorrow (Wed.) – Bone Density scan and mammogram

10/8 – CT scan – this is my yearly scan to see if the cancer has come back

10/9 – Chiropractor apt. to see about possible treatment for herniated disc

10/17 – Bone strengthening infusion

10/29 – Plastic Surgeon apt – my implant looks different to me…something has changed…just need to make sure everything is OK.  I also have a dentist apt. that day.

11/7 – Check up with oncologist to go over CT scan (I hope he calls with the results before the apt. so I don’t have to wait a month!)

I guess it’s just this time of the year, but it seems like quite a bit, even though most of it is routine.

In other news, I ordered some Protalus insoles, as they claim they can possibly help with neuropathy AND back pain.  Plus, if after 90 days you are not satisfied, they refund your money!  For the past week and a half I have not had much pain in my feet.  So when I started wearing the insoles about 5 days ago, my feet were not hurting.  Today, I did notice that I felt my feet when walking.  I wouldn’t really say they were painful, but I did notice them not feeling quite right.  When I got home I took my shoes off and walked barefoot for a minute and they started to hurt.  I quickly put my slippers back on with the insoles in them and the pain went away.  I’m not totally convinced the insoles are helping.  It might just be that the neuropathy is not bothering me much right now.  But for now, I’m wearing them all the time and I’ll report back!

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