Quick post today….my infusion was a bit of an adventure.  My veins were very uncooperative.  The nurses in the infusion center are AMAZING!!  I just adore them and they are so good at their job.  But even with all their skill, it took 3 nurses and 5 attempts (5 pokes) to get a vein they could use for my blood draw and infusion. 

I learned a lot about the difference in needles used for an IV versus a blood draw.  I learned what it means when they say the needle won’tthread.  I am a wealth of knowledge….with a sore arm and hand.

The last nurse looked at me and asked if he could try it in my hand.  I said, “Yes.  Please just get it done.”  So on his second try in my hand he got it!!  It was a small vein, so I felt the cold flushing with saline and also felt the cold medicine….that was a first.  But in the end, another infusion is done.

In other news, my oncologist was walking past my room at the infusion center and stopped to say hello.  After chatting for a few minutes, I am on a hormone blocking pill break and will stay that way until my appointment.  At that time, I am going to switch to Tamoxifen and try that.  I am also weaning off my antidepressant and am hoping I will not need it with Tamoxifen.

Even with all the pokes and craziness of today, I am thankful for another day!  Psalm 118:24 – “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”  So thankful for another day of life!

That’s it for now.  🙂

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