I slept in as late as I could and rested all day to save my energy to go out to dinner with Tom to celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary last night!!

We enjoyed eating outside at Le Grande Bistro Americain.  It was 90 minutes of great food and talking.  Then he wheeled me around the marina for a little bit.  We had a great time.

Anniversary Selfie! Happy 26th to us!

While it sounds like we hardly did anything,  it was pretty hard on my body, especially getting out of the car when we got home. We had been casually talking about getting away for a few days, but last night my body made it very clear that travel is not part of the plan right now.

I’m so very glad I pushed myself to go out.  We haven’t done that in such a long time and we loved it!!!

Today, we met with my hospice nurse for the first time….who is going to be on vacation the next time we are supposed to meet,  and then the next time, she will have gotten a promotion so I will have my new nurse who is still finishing her training. Hmmmm…..

She took my vitals and Tom counted my narcotic pills again.  Hospice will not cover Movantik, which is the pill I use for constipation from narcotics. it is working really well right now. They want me to try all these other things, which I already have tried, that did not work. So if their goal is to make me as comfortable as possible,  why are they taking away one of the main prescriptions that makes me comfortable? Tom and I will be talking to a few people next week about this. Movantik is $900 a month without insurance. That’s a lot!

I’m not super happy with Hospice right now. I thought Hospice was supposed to make things easier. Not yet…..

We were given 5 Hospice options, all covered by our insurance – Providence (contracted with Valley), Evergreen (contracted with Valley and I used them for home health care and was not impressed), Fransciscan, Kline Galland and Kindred. We chose Providence since they are contracted with Valley and if I should need something Hospice can’t do, it would go to them. If you have any information about one of these 5, good or bad, would you share it with me via email?

Tomorrow is our #BeTheHopeWalk. Please pray I can be awake and alert enough to enjoy it. We met our goal of $5,000. Woo-hoo! Thank you to everyone who donated and who is walking with us tomorrow! Even though we met our goal, you can still donate or walk with us!

Thank you also to everyone who is checking in on me. I’m sorry for the slow and simple responses. I’ve been really tired and out of it the past couple days and it makes it hard to type on my phone. I have a lot of people who want to come over and visit, but for now, I need a week or two of quiet to see what happens with my sleep. I’m so sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to see people, I just hate to cancel last minute and the tiredness and fatigue are unbelievable. I think I’ve fallen asleep at least 5 times while trying to write this. I hope it all makes sense!

As you think of our family, please continue to pray for us and I will update as often as I can! I’m going to try and make it to church on Sunday!!