There is something about walking into the Infusion Center that I really hate. Seeing that sign, the fish tank and the little waiting area . . . I just dread walking through the door.

The funny thing is, once I’m through the door, my time there is rather enjoyable.

Tracy greets me by name and gives me a fancy wristband to wear.

I sit and wait for a few minutes and am then greeted by my favorite oncology nurse Jayme.

Then I see how much weight I’ve gained. (I’m not enjoying that!)

Next it’s time to get my blood work going and start the infusion.

20151230_094244 (1) (500x281)

There’s no pain.

I have time to work on the computer or spend time on my blogs or waste time on Facebook and Instagram.

And then there’s my nurse Jayme. She’s just fun to talk to. I look forward to seeing her. She makes the process as positive as possible.

It’s just the entrance to the infusion center that I hate.

Maybe it’s just a reminder of the cancer and not knowing what lies ahead.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s located inside the hospital and not in an adjacent building.  Maybe, even though I’m not really thinking about it, I know I’m getting poisoned.  Or it could be a combination of all of those.  I have no idea!

But with all that being said, Wednesdays are not my favorite day of the week.

In other news . . .

This past week, I’m thankful to have been feeling good on Christmas day. We spent the morning and early afternoon as a family and then went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s for the afternoon/evening.  It was so nice to see two of my cousins and their families.  And the girls had such a fun time acting out their Christmas story from the Bible with their cousins.

The next couple days after Christmas were a little rough. I was very achy all over. I was able to get up and do some stuff around the house but did lay around a lot. We enjoyed some time as a family playing some of the new games the girls got for Christmas. And it snowed a few times and that was pretty to watch out the window!

That’s about it for now . . .

So much to be thankful for . . .

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